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The installation of our pilot facility has begun in Halmstad.

We have started a collaboration together with Halmstad Energi & Miljö and Laholmsbuktens VA and will install our pilot facility in Halmstad during summer. In this pilot-project we will use waste heat from Halmstad Energi & Miljö’s waste incarnation plant to clean saltwater and then distribute it to Laholmsbukten’s treatment plant to be used as process water. This pilot will be capable of cleaning 50.000 liters of water per day and will replace drinking water with desalinated water in the treatment plant’s processes. The installation is estimated to be finished by the end of August. If this pilot is successful we will scale up the production in 2021-2022 and we have calculated that Helios Innovations’ technology could produce 750.000-1.000.000 liters of water per day when fully implemented in Halmstad.

To learn more about the pilot project and its potential in Halmstad press here.

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